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Technology has become an essential part of human lives in this modern era. Whether it is the computer, laptop or any other electronic gadget, imagine how much you have to suffer if it inevitably breaks down. You get disturbed and hunt for the repairs option in your location. Due to the time constraint and uncertain pricing structure, you may end up being humiliated by paying a huge sum of  with poor quality of service.
Further, the laptop repairs market is being unorganized and cluttered and it could be a nightmare to get through the hassles of the repair and service process. To overcome all these hassles, you can  and we have a team of employees who will help you with the high quality of service and reasonable price.

Welcome to the reliable solution for computer and laptop repairs

Looking for a computer or laptop repair service ? in G7techinc are one of the specialized ones in servicing and repairing all the types of computers on various brands. We offer the home service for repairing these devices 24/7. Since our inception in the industry, quality control and professional computer repairs service are serving as the trademark in this industry.

Our computer and laptop repair services

A computer or laptop is the machine or device that will perform calculations and several complicated operations based on the instructions fed and given by both software and hardware. These devices are designed to run the application and create various solutions by combining integrated software and hardware components. So, it is very common to experience certain repairs in sensitive parts. Some repairs are common and you can fix it by yourselves but some require expert’s assistance and we will help with it.

Our process in repairing the computer and laptops

You can raise the request online about the repairs and based on this request our team will contact you. We generate the unique tracking number and allot a schedule for repairing it.

We will visit at the doorstep and discuss the issue with the laptop or computer. We bring the necessary tools to repair in the home location. If it is necessary to bring it
to the lab, we will be intimate and take it to the lab to diagnose and fix the issue.

We do not stop with the repairing process but we will also recheck the working of the parts on a microscopic level and followed with that we will check for the overall parts as well.

After the complete QC performance by our chief technicians, we will assemble the things and deliver them to the targeted address.

Why G7 Technologies inc?

What types of issues will we fix?

It can be tricky to recognize the issues with the large network as there are possibilities that will affect the network. In the case of a small network, you can easily find the reason for the problem but some issues are difficult to solve. We can fix the problem in the categories to perform degradation, security issues, host identification and several others.

It is a rare occasion where the chip level motherboard will fail. We will repair and replace it with the right and high quality one.
We guarantee to repair and replace the LCD screen completely. We were also assured to do them within 30 minutes.

Software issue, overuse, hardware failure, consumer goods issues and driver problem for the printer issues and it will stop working. We can diagnose and fix the issues shortly.

There are several common problems when you are looking to create or expand the software application and inadequate communication teams. Poorly scheduling of the Software Development Process, Lack of Software Testing etc. may lead to several issues. So, we will help you with all these aspects and proper software installation.

With the help of the software, our team will work to fix the bugs in the software and improve the functionality, extending the equipment usability. So, it will help in maximizing productivity, protect against the newfound security risks, enhance the battery depletion rate of performance speed, introduce the new features in the software and fix bugs in the software to improve the functionality of the software.

Data loss can cause several issues with hardware failures like file corruption etc. So, we will help in having the data backup and confidentially maintaining it.

Computer AMC services or annual maintenance contract service provide the data recovery, assembly of a computer system, removal of virus, up-gradation of the computer systems, network issues  and several others.

Our tips to care for the laptops

Safely using the laptops will help in ensuring the device to work properly and you will not get hurt with the downtime or expenses. Improper usage without proper awareness will lead to irreparable damage. Here we give some tips for maintenance routine and help in staying productive and safe with the laptops.

  1. Never have forceful shutdown
  2. Adjust the power settings
  3. Vent maintenance
  4. Bios updates
  5. Check for the functioning of the fan
  6. Lap burn
  7. Unplug accessories
  8. Laptop base
  1. Hp, Dell, Lenovo (All Spare Parts Available)
  2. Laptop Keyboard is Not Working
  3. Laptop Screen not working
  4. Laptop Battery Replacement
  5. Laptop Charger Replacement
  6. Laptop Hard Disk Replacement
  7. Laptop Memory / Ram Upgrade
  8. Laptop Motherboard
  9. Laptop CPU Fan Replacement
  10. Laptop Not Turning On
  11. Laptop OS Installation
  1. Laptop Over Heating Fix
  2. Laptop Speakers Replacement
  3. Laptop DVD Replacement
  4. Laptop WEBCAM Replacement
  5. Laptop Bottom Replacement
  6. Laptop Battery Replacement
  7. Laptop Data Recovery Service
  8. Laptop Virus Removal
  9. Laptop Anti Virus Installation
  10. Laptop HDD Upgrade
  11. Laptop Liquid Damage
  1. Laptop BIOS Fix
  2. Laptop is Slow
  3. Laptop Not Booting issue fix
  4. Laptop Touch Replacement
  5. Laptop Power DC Jack Fix
  6. Laptop Body Replacement
  7. Laptop Wifi Not Working
  8. Laptop Password Recovery
  9. Laptop Blue Screen Fix
  10. Laptop Auto Shutdown Fix
  11. Laptop Power Button Replacement
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